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Additional Resources

Learn about resources for getting a DEXA scan, InBody body composition analysis, and additional metabolic testing to track your overall health.

DexaFit bone density


DEXAFIT is a great option for those looking for a baseline or repeat DEXA scan for bone density.  For members of the Better With Age program, DEXAFIT has special discount pricing to make your next bone density scan as easy as possible.  

For Twin Cities residents, check out DexaFit Minnesota

to schedule your assessment, or call 612-564-0332 and ask for the Better With Age price.


The InBody 580 performs segmental analysis, assessing each limb and your trunk to reveal its muscle mass, body fat, body water balance, and cellular health. This gives you insight into:

      • Your current health status

      • Potential areas of inflammation

      • Your risk of chronic disease

      • Which exercise and nutrition plans will be most              effective for you

For Twin Cities area residents, please contact Creekside Physical Therapy to schedule your scan today.  Cost: $45 dollars for a single scan or $112 for a package of 4 scans ($28/per scan).

InBody body composition
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