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  • What if I can't make the live online session with the physical therapist? Will these videos be recorded?
    No. Wednesdays at 12 pm cst is your only time to chat. However, if you are living abroad and the time zone difference is vast, please reach out and we will try to accommodate with a different time on a monthly basis.
  • Is this program designed to help me rehabilitate from my injury?
    Not really. If you have a known injury, we suggest you seek out a good rehabilitation professional to help you before beginning the program. That being said, many people will experience improvements in chronic low-level aches and pains in their bodies once they begin to move better and get stronger. If you have questions whether this program is a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to us and we will connect.
  • What if I have a painful area of my body?
    The exercise content of this program was put together by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a background in helping people rehabilitate injuries. That being said, you may need to work with a rehabilitation professional prior to engaging in some of the exercises. One of the unique benefits of this program is that you will have weekly live online access to a physical therapist to help guide you through the program and help you make modifications as needed.
  • Do I need equipment to participate in the exercise portion of the program?
    You will need a minimal amount of equipment to participate in the strength training portion of the program. A few dumbbells and a yoga mat will get you pretty far. This program was designed to enable you to get a great workout in the confines of your home with minimal equipment and minimal space needed.
  • I can't do one of the exercises on the video because... What should I do?
    Meet Galen online during the monthly Wednesday meeting and he will troubleshoot and help you figure out a solution to the problem.
  • When is the live online information session with the physical therapist?
    Monthly on a Wednesday afternoon at 12 pm cst over Zoom. You will receive the invitation and specific date upon registration.
  • What if I've never exercised before?
    Then this program is for you. We designed this program with you in mind so that you can enjoy the benefits of developing a strong body at any age. The exercise portion of the program begins with teaching you how to breathe properly and move in a variety of fundamental patterns without any load on your spine or joints. Over time, as your movement quality improves, you will introduce resistance and begin your journey into strength training.
  • What if I have access to a gym?
    Great! Whatever you have access to we will help you take full advantage of it. For those with a gym membership, we will provide you with guidance to develop a great program for you using the equipment that is available to you, all based on the goals that you set for the life you want to live.
  • Do I have to attend every nutritional meeting?
    No. Each Monday session is recorded and posted to our private Facebook page for you to view when you are able. You just don't get to ask any questions if you aren't there live.
  • What if I want to continue to have weekly support/information sessions with the nutritionist after the first 6 months?
    Great. You can do this for an additional $25 per month on top of your normal monthly membership fee.
  • When are the live nutrition meetings?
    Monday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 pm cst and Thursday afternoons from 12-12:30 pm cst. All meetings are conducted over Zoom.
  • Do I have to purchase and take a bunch of supplements?
    Nope. Although, there may be certain supplements that are recommended at various stages of the program to help maximize your success, you don't have to take any of them.
  • What if I can't attend the weekly nutritional meetings due to my schedule?
    Each Monday session is recorded and posted to our private Facebook page for you to view when you are able.
  • Do I have to participate in the nutrition component of the program?
    Nope. If you are currently working with someone for some specific dietary/health goals, you can keep doing what you are doing and just add the exercise component of the program.
  • How much is the program?
    2 years of Exercise + Nutrition = 24 monthly payments of $128.26 1 year of Exercise + Nutrition = 12 monthly payments of $192.39 2 years of Exercise Only = 24 monthly payments of $106.17 1 year of Exercise Only = 12 monthly payments of $169.53 If you would prefer to pay in full with a Health Savings Account or by credit card, please contact our billing department at Creekside Physical Therapy and Wellness (our sister clinic in Edina, MN) at 952-936-9300.
  • What if I want to do this program with a friend?
    This is a great strategy to improve your accountability and thus, success in the program. Each person will have the regular 12 or 24 month membership price, but each person will receive a $50 gift card to purchase nutrition supplements through NutriDyn. Let us know if you are signing up with a buddy and we will make sure you both get this credit.
  • What if I get sick and want to put my membership on hold?
    This program is 2+ years long to help maximize your results and bone health improvements. It is normal to get sick or go on vacation from time-to-time. Once you make the commitment to improving your health, we want to do everything we can to encourage you and help you see this through. If there is a serious life circumstance that arises during the program that prevents you from continuing, please reach out to us and we will discuss on an individual basis.
  • Can I pay for this program with insurance?
    No. However, you can pay in full using an HSA account if you have one.
  • I don't see all of the video content.
    New video content is regularly being added to help provide new insights and tools to help aid you in your journey of health. Also, some video content may not be viewable until you have completed certain exercise bench marks. Reach out if you have any questions.
  • What if I only want to do the program for 1 year instead of 2?
    We would like to encourage you to consider the full 2 years because it will give you the greatest opportunity to make meaningful improvements in your bone density. However, if 1 year feels better to you, you can sign up for a year membership instead.
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