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7 Systems Plan, nutrition

The 7 Systems Plan is the backbone of the Better With Age nutritional program. It was developed by Dr. Pat Luse, BS, DC, CCRP, CCST, DABCO, to help his patients heal their bodies from the inside out and lose weight.  The program works to improve the function of the gut, lower inflammation, optimize the body's immune system, improve detoxification, improve insulin sensitivity, and help a person experience balanced energy throughout the day.  Participants are supported with weekly live online sessions guided by our licensed nutritionist, Lea Wetzell.  During these sessions, individuals will learn about the components within each of the 7 systems and will have the opportunity to ask questions.  

Structural System

The Structural System creates a foundation upon which all the other systems can function.  Within this system, you will learn how to optimize your bone health, lean muscle mass, and fat.


Digestive System

Within this system, you will learn not only how to optimize your gut health and nutrient absorption, but also how the brain and the digestive system work together to help you either reach your goals, or sabotage you from achieving your best health.


Delivery System

The Delivery System is what transports the nutrients that your digestive system breaks down into your muscles, organs, and various other tissues.  Within this system, you learn how to make good decisions on what types of protein, fats, and carbohydrates you eat to optimize your health.


Energy System

The Energy System is all about, you guessed it, how to optimize your energy.  You will learn about energy production both from a cellular level and from a whole body standpoint.  Tired of feeling tired?  This is for you.


Communication System

The Communication System is what allows all the other systems to talk with each other.  Within this module, you will learn all about optimizing your hormones, nerve health, and neurotransmitters.


Defense System

The Defense System helps keep the rest of the systems functioning in the face of constant attack from invaders from outside the body and from within, often in the form of chronic inflammation and auto-immune conditions.  In this module, you will learn how to keep or restore your immune system to proper functioning; not underactive or overactive, but just right.


Detox System

It's time to clean house!  In this module you will learn the sad reality of how toxic our modern-day living environment has become and how to maximize the effectiveness of our main detoxifying organs: the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin.

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