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The Better With Age Program is designed as a 2-year program because in order to make meaningful changes in one's bone health, you must allow enough time for bone remodeling to take place.  There are no fad diets here and you will need to put in the work.  But for those that reject a life of frailty and premature limitation of your vitality, this program will guide you through the process needed to create meaningful and lasting change in all areas of your health.  Our passion is to help you live life on your terms.



The exercise portion of the Better With Age program will be divided into several sections: foundational movements, strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and balance.  In order to minimize your risk of injury throughout this program, certain criteria/bench marks will need to be reached before new videos will be unlocked.  However, as you improve, new and more challenging exercises will be presented to help ensure your progress throughout the program.


Every week for the first 6-months of the Better With Age (and longer if desired), you will learn in a live online format with our licensed nutritionist a particular topic of the week.  An example of a weekly topic might be metabolic health, or blood sugar management, or nutrition and hormones.  You get the idea.  You can start anytime and the topics will cycle through, so you will get all the information throughout the duration of the course.  During the twice per week meetings, you have the opportunity to ask questions and make sure your individual dietary needs are met.  This amounts to close to 50 opportunities to interact and learn from our nutritionist live over your first 6-months.

Additional Topics Covered

In addition to the core components of exercise and nutrition, throughout the Better With Age Program, you will learn from various experts about topics such as hormone health, developing proper breathing habits, strategies for optimizing your sleep, stress management, and mindset.  As a part of the program, you will also have the opportunity to have a variety of different blood work panels and gut tests to help determine your most individualized path through the program.

Still have questions?  Please check out our FAQ page or click here to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to find out if the Better With Age program is right for you..

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